Bald Eagles vs. Red-Tailed Hawks: An Aerial Battle

March 15, 2013  •  9 Comments

Hello all! This is my first blog post on Peak Photography of Montana. I hope to post from time to time about awesome experiences I have out in the field as well as tips and tricks I've learned through years of travel!

It all started yesterday when I was out for a walk with my sister and our dogs in a field out near my dad's office in Billings, MT.  We saw two Red-Tailed Hawks sitting in a tree maybe 30 yards in front of us. Well as we walked towards their tree we realized we were under their nest. So they swooped off of their tree and did a slow pass above us to see what we were doing. This allowed me some great shots:

Red-Tailed HawkRed-Tailed Hawk

Red-Tailed Hawk

So that brings me to today. My sister gives me a call to rush out to the office because these two bald eagles are sitting in a tree out front. 

So I do, and there they are:

Two Bald Eagles sitting in a tree in BIllings, MontanaPair of Bald Eagles

I snap a handful of pictures before they fly off...

So as they leave so do I. Then I see them again, flying in a field. So I follow them only to realize they're heading back for the farm. So I turn around and park. I realize they are heading for the trees where the Red-Tailed Hawks live, so I sprint towards the trees. And boom, full on aerial battle between the two eagles and the two hawks (who are half the size of the eagles). The hawks are quite feisty for their size and end up chasing off the eagles. 

The pictures weren't my best work as I was shooting right into the sun, but there are still some pretty cool shots that came from the experience!

A red-tail hawk took on a bald eagle Bald Eagle fighting a Red-Tailed HawkA red-tail hawk took on a bald eagle Bald Eagle fighting a Red-Tailed HawkA red-tail hawk took on a bald eagle Anyway, that's it! I hope you enjoyed my first blog. If you did enjoy it, all I ask is you share it with a friend who you think would enjoy it too! Comment below if you have any blog topics in particular you would like me to write about.

You can purchase all of these shots, as well as check out the rest of my wildlife shots here:


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This picture comes off as rather amusing when you consider that the call of the red-tailed hawk is often dubbed over the bald eagle in many films and TV shows. It's almost like the hawk is miffed at the eagle taking credit for his voice lmao xD
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